HVCC and Erie locations

Built in partnership with Hudson Valley Community College and Erie Community College respectively,  and with funding from New York State Homes and Community Renewal, the pressure houses located in Troy and Erie are designed to train students on weatherization techniques. These free standing residential structures each include a kitchen, three bedrooms, two full baths, basement and garage and incorporate common details such as balloon framing, platform framing, walk-in attics and cape cod roof pitches. Throughout the house, prime areas for air infiltration have been identified and drafts can be simulated through the use of electrically actuated dampers which can be set up in an infinite number of combinations for students to identify. All of these features make these buildings state of the art training facilities and provide the attendees with an exceptional learning experience. 


The HVCC Workforce Development Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Programs Training Lab

68 Morrison Avenue, Troy  NY 



The ECC Green Building Technology Training Center

4196 Abbott Road, Orchard Park NY 


NYSWDA hosts training sessions at the HVCC and Erie pressure houses at various times throughout the year. Check our training calendar for upcoming courses.