Diagnostic Pressure House

A scale model house with 700 square feet of working space provides students with an opportunity to observe all of the major construction details used in residential housing. It features the typical problematic areas facing homeowners when it comes to improving energy effeciency. It is a unique structure and the only one of its kind in the country.

PressureHouse1     The house features a kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a full bath,  basement, and garage and incorporates common details  of  balloon framing, platform framing, cantilevered rooms,  walk-in attics and cape cod knee walls. Throughout the  house, prime areas for air infiltration have been identified  and leakage can be  simulated through the use of  electrically actuated dampers. This allows our trainers to  set up an infinite  number of combinations of air  infiltration  for students  to identify and correct. The  Pressure House  was developed through the funds made  available from  New York State Homes and Community  Renewal and the  New York State Energy and Research  and Development  Authority.                                                                                                         

 PressureHouse2             PressureHouse3