Residential Heating Laboratory

Located within our Training Center on Fisher Road, the heating lab showcases 15 working heating systems and 3 water heating systems which represent all the major types of systems found in the field. Oil and gas fired furnaces and boilers make up our inventory. They range from very basic units to the latest in high efficiency heating systems. Controlled lockouts give students the opportunity to identify common problems found in residential appliances so they can be quickly and efficiently corrected.  
Cleaning and tuning of appliances, to achieve their maximum efficiency, and diagnostic troubleshooting are also among the primary activities of our training. Appliance installation instruction ensures maximum efficiency, proper function and customer safety for new equipment being installed in the field. NYSWDA students receive exceptional training in all aspects of working with residential heating systems. Heating Lab1

Heating Lab3                      Heating Lab2     

NYSWDA classes that use the hands-on heating lab include:

  • 90% Furnace Install
  • Heating & Venting Fundamentals
  • Clean & Tune for Heating Systems
  • HVAC Troubleshooting
  • CAZ 101
  • BPI Heating Professional 
  • HVAC Ductblaster

Check our training calendar for upcoming course dates.