The New York State Weatherization Directors Association is committed to developing new opportunities in support of its’ membership, linking sound public policy with the concepts of energy conservation and economic self sufficiency, resulting in safe, healthy, and affordable housing for low income families in New York State. 

The corporation is organized for the following purposes:

• To establish the corporation as a leader within the energy conservation community;

• To associate its members together for their mutual benefit as directors of weatherization programs;

• To provide and disseminate educational, management, technical and other information to its members;

• To provide a process and voice through which its members may address problems;

• To represent its members point of view to state and federal agencies except to the extent provided under Section 501(h) of the Code as it may from time to time be amended.

• To act as an advocate for the right of all low income, elderly, and handicapped persons to live in safe, comfortable, energy efficient housing;

• To perform any and all things not inconsistent with law that affects the mutual interest of weatherization directors.

The association may undertake any and all other activities as are proper, reasonable, and desirable to carry into effect the purposes of the Association including, but not limited to, legal proceeding; rent, purchase, or otherwise hold real estate; solicit and receive contributions; contract with government units, firms and other organizations to procure or provide services or functions as per the contract; and to act as a liaison with other organizations of the membership.