Membership Categories

NYSWDA has several levels of membership in our association:

  1. General Membership: Open to all NY WAP Sub-grantees. Entitles each WAP director to one (1) voting membership
    Dues: Min $350/year - or you can volunteer up to $500/year.
  2. Affiliate Membership: Shall be extended to any individual, contractor or building science professional that is committed to improving home/building comfort and energy efficiency. (See our benefits page for more details)
    Dues: $400/year
  3. Corporate Membership: May be extended to any organization or business that supports the goals of the Weatherization Assistance Program. Such membership may be subject to approval by the Board of Directors. (See our benefits page for more details)
    Dues: $600/year
  4. Associate Membership: May be extended to all employees of Weatherization sub-grantees and to members of this corporation who leave the employment of a Weatherization program, but wish to remain involved with NYSWDA.
    Dues: $100/year

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